Potensiana Is Blockchain and Quantum Coding Based eCommerce
Potensiana Is Blockchain and Quantum Coding Based eCommerce

Potensiana Is Blockchain and Quantum Coding Based eCommerce

Qatar, SpiritNews.com.- There is something very interesting from the 2019 Indonesia Expo which was held at the InterContinental Hotel Doha City of Qatar which took place from 17-19 November 2019.

This was the first Indonesian exhibition about Indonesian products held by the Indonesian Embassy in Qatar.

Dede Farhan Aulawi, who was contacted via cellular connection, said that the interesting thing from this exhibition was that the Potensiana product was a favorite product and attracted many participants.

On that occasion, 2 business partners were found with sevencontinent qatar who were willing to become potential representations for the Middle East, another with South Africa, which also represented Potential in the African continent.

Based on this cooperation, valuation of potensiana is USD 14 million for 40% share. This MoU will be followed by further discussions on the technical arrangements for its operation. Said Dede.

Dede also continued that there is a Potensiana for a blockchain-based first marketplace to conduct business transactions, not only for the domestic world but also for all business people in the world.

"Hopefully the Potensiana which is the original work of this nation's children is able to be the only blockchain and quantum coding-based ecommerce that is able to become the pride of Indonesian ecommerce," said Dede.

Furthermore, Dede also added that the young Indonesian successfully presented ucoach at the expo and also attracted investors and visitors.

Ucoach is also a platform that collaborates with Potensiana. Previously Potensiana also partnered with Nicepay from South Korea.

Please note that Ucoach is an application system designed for Entrepreneurs and Professionals to improve business progress, competence and self-development.

This system can help detect the root of the problem and provide solutions that can address the needs of entrepreneurs.

"This collaboration and synergy of 2 ecommerce namely Potensiana and PT. Arsia Trade agreed to establish cooperation in the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Potensiana was also asked to make an Artificial Intelligence for Drone control in the framework of Qatar Olympique ", said Dede closing the conversation.

Hopefully Potensiana be the work of the Indonesia milenial generation worldwide.

Providing benefits for the nation in coloring the style of global business in accordance with the character of millennial civilization.

This is a work from Indonesia for the world.Continuing potensiana, your prestation is always awaited by the world community.(*).

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